Wednesday , July 26 2017

The most haunted paranormal show of pakistan

this is a is a first ever paranormal investigating show of pakistan. This show was start his first horror show on 2008.

woh kia hai is the name of a reality Pakistani show which broadcasts by Express News Channel. The producer is Mohsin lqbal and it's hosted by Sajjad and Ashfaq. Primarily the show plays on the content about some horrible paranormal activities. They try to investigative to uncover that historical stories which are still a mystery since many years. The show airs only on Sunday to Sunday at around 11:00 to 12:00 and the channel, Express News repeat telecast the show on Monday about 8:00 to 2:00.

woh kia hai

Before airs of the Program. The team of the program woh kya hai, investigate and collect the various data which has base of the program according to skepticalness. All over the collection of data has audio and video recording, statements of the witnesses and those persons who had the victom either injured by the all over paranormal activities.

What people suggests us?

So many peoples suggests to this team to avoid the investigation at the skeptical pleases, however there methodology to goes on. The team of woh kiya hai says to the people that if any one find any evidence or anything which is un-explainable through scientific, un-logical or natural means Many ghost-hunting groups say they find evidence of something they can't explain through scientific or natural. Particularly those activities which currently happenet around you or anyone's that you know them.

According to skeptical investigators of the team the EMF machine happens themselves then they know the presents of ghost around there. the microphones which is wireless it's really help full to the team to capturing the noise of paranormal activities and record the temperature through thermometers. These equipment being helps to detect ghosts or genies. Mostly they don't trust at the recording or videos which is captured by themselves because sometimes it's recorded another types of voice basically which is not of the real ghost in that condition the team goes at the spot to investigate themselves after watched the video and listen the video deeply then they make the video of the paranormal activities let it on-air after complete and be sure themselves that its proved by the team.