Trading Console Games… Getting More Bang For Your Buck!

wanted to play? The price. It has to be one of the most contributing factors of any gamers choice whether to purchase a certain computer or console game or not. $100 AUD or more for a new console game is a lot of money, especially when the people who play the games usually either don’t have jobs, or are part time workers (reffering to teenagers). We may have to keep buying these games at this high price, but there is one way to stretch out our money significantly longer. Game Trading.

People around the world have walked into second hand book shops, bought and traded books after they have read them haven’t they? Well the future has come, and i think it is time that Console game trading is the way of the future! Don’t get me wrong, people have been doing this since the first nintendo or sega ever game out, but, it doesn’t seem that popular. Not from where i live anyway.

The only people i can see taking advantage of this situation is company’s like electronics boutique. Trade in a console game that is a week old, get $30 back, but you paid $110? That doesn’t seem too fair. Game Trading with people, REAL people, not company’s is the way to go. Straight swaps, or two for one, whatever you want to negotiate at the time, will be a better deal than any store will give you!

I have recently setup a website [], to bring people from around Australia together to trade their games in a safe environment. There are game trade sites around, I’m sure there is at least one in your country!

I hope this little article has inspired someone out there to get out there and swap, trade, barter your console games with people, and stretch that hard earned cash out!

Jacob is 23 years old from Sydney Australia. He

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How to Copy Unique Xbox Console Games – Protecting Your Console Game Collection From Catastrophe

The Xbox 360 game system has found an everlasting home in the entertainment game business, and has earned an excellent reputation with gamers. The number of Xbox players increases steadily over time.

The recognition of those video games has let the manufacturers to more steadily continue raising prices on the latest releases. Within the face of those growing costs, many avid Xbox gamers have began to copy authentic Xbox 360 games for a bit more security or for their very own protection. Different avid gamers, concerned about how quickly their very costly video game DVDs can become damaged, lost, or stolen are studying the right way to burn official Xbox 360 console games simply to protect their initial investment and avoid the cost of replacing these costly game disks.

Some companies do try forcefully stop such copies from being made, game manufacturers have added copy protection schemes to their gaming software. The standard CD and DVD copying software programs usually used for music CDs and video files cannot be used to make a copy of original Xbox games. They can’t get past the copy protection. Worry not, however, good old technological thing has already solved the problem for console gamers. A lot of firms have made particular software programs that can bypass the console game’s copy protection and can burn official Xbox video games to make backup disks.

This burning software, regardless of the producer, is simple to use. Once you have acquired and installed the software, it’s merely a matter of putting in the video game DVD into the pc, which copies it to the hard drive; and and then place a blank DVD to obtain the backup copy from the hard drive for backup. It’s a easy thing to do. You merely have to follow the onscreen directions.

Once you’ve created one back up, you’ll be a professional about how to burn original Xbox games, and may begin to make backup copies of all your video games. Think of the money that you will save by not spending it on replacement console games. For those who store the unique video games safely away and preserve the backup for daily use, you may never again want to stress about a scratch or significantly damaged console game disk.

Do your homework when deciding which software program to buy. Take a look at the different downloading websites. Get the recommendation of different video game players who have had some expertise with both good and some bad software programs. You are on the lookout for a a high-high quality software program instrument that’s simple to make use of, is sold for an affordable price, and has thorough step-by-step directions.

Shedding or destroying one of your expensive Xbox 360 video game disks is a gamer’s worst nightmare. Together with your new software for copying unique Xbox 360 console game to backup disks, it is a bad dream that you’re going to by no means have to experience again.

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